Smoke detectors alone aren't the answer for cigarette related fires! While traditional stationary smoke detectors are sometimes able, if conditions are favorable, to effectively alert secondary victims who are outside the room of origin, they seldom operate either early enough or with enough audibility to save the smoker who is, by definition, intimate with ignition.  More than half (53%) of the people killed by home fires were in the room or area of origin when the fire broke out (NFPA 2007-Home Structure Fire Report) and approximately half of home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms (M. Arens -The U.S. Fire Problem overview report: -NFPA)        

Numerous studies conducted by the NFPA, FEMA, and the US Fire Administration show that the most common occurrences associated with smoke detectors being disabled/ ineffective are: nuisance alarms, dead/leaky/defective or missing batteries, and location of the smoke detector.                    


Why you need Smokers ALERT®

Smokers carelessness is the leading cause of fatal residential fires in the United States today!

Traditional smoke detectors alone are not the answer.  Recent studies have confirmed that the smoker is so close to the smoldering fire caused by his/her unattended cigarette that presently available fire protection and detection systems activate too late to save the victims.  (NFPA, US Fire Administration)

The victims of smoking fires die because a smoker’s lapse of attention to his/her cigarette was not:                            

  1. Noticed and corrected immediately by the smoker himself or others present and
  2. The smoldering fire which resulted from that lapse of attention was not detected and effectively announced  in the fire’s early, survivable stages.
There has been no product  designed to specifically protect the smoker and his/her loved ones...UNTIL NOW.

Smokers ALERT® is the world’s first intelligent ashtray

Engineered and designed for early detection of cigarette-caused fires.


It will warn the smoker of an unattended cigarette left in the ashtray. It will warn the smoker if the ashtray has been accidentally knocked  or tipped over. And, it will warn the smoker of a smoldering fire in the immediate area of the ashtray.



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