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I have been a professional firefighter and Lieutenant in a metropolitan fire department for nearly a decade. Having fought numerous fires many times, lives could have been saved had there been a working smoke detector. I have had the unfortunate experience of fighting fires caused from unattended cooking, unattended candles, smokers carelessness, laundry fires, furniture related fires, children playing with matches, space heater fires and the list goes on and on! A majority of homes in the United States have just one working smoke detector and when this unfortunate event occurs, you need an early warning device that works. The Chavers Corporation has developed an advanced and affordable smoke detection device unlike anything I’ve seen in the last 10 years. The wide-spread use of this product, along with traditional smoke detectors, a well rehearsed fire escape plan, and the proper use and placement of a fire extinguisher will prevent a large number of residential fires that occur today

John Wells, of Lebanon, Oregon, says “Since getting the smoke alarm ashtray, I feel much safer in my home. I like the fact that you can take it to any room in the house and know that you are protected by a smoke alarm. In fact, I am going to use it in my motor home this summer when camping season starts!








Ken Lawson, age 45, is wheelchair bound from a car accident 19 years ago. He has been a moderate smoker since high school. With traditional smoke detectors, Ken had no fire protection in his bottom floor four-plex because he would “beat up the old ones with a broom” because of false alarms from cooking and doing laundry. Ken calls this space age ashtray much better for people in wheelchairs “...because now I have an alarm, whereas before I didn’t, and now I can reach it! I highly recommend this product for people in my position and, because it’s mobile, it goes where I go and that’s a plus for me. By using this product I now have a much better game plan for preventing fires in my home from all consumer products that could cause fires and I know the importance of a fire escape route for people in my position. By using the ashtray on a daily basis, I’m always thinking about fire safety! Hooray for Smokers ALERT®!!!”



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