Chavers Corporation is proud to bring you the "next generation of smoke detection."

The Chavers Corporation is bringing to the forefront, new and imaginative products for addressing today’s high-risk fire hazards that are already well recognized by the American public. (Careless smoking, unattended cooking fires, unsafe heating practices/portable heater fires, juvenile fireplay, fires caused by unattended candles, laundry room dryer fires, etc;)  The Chavers Corporation has overcome the barriers that render traditional smoke detectors ineffective by relocating their otherwise capabilities to the only place experience has shown they can be effective - at the very seat of that potential deadly house fire!

Smoke ALERT, The "World’s First Mobile, Micro-Processor Controlled, Smoke Detector (US Pat 7733234), features ionization / photoelectric, dual sensing technology for maximum protection and detectionSmoke ALERT is not intended to replace traditional, stationary smoke detectors, but to bring that extra layer of safety directly to the source of that potential fire for the very first time, any fire, in: laundry rooms, storage areas, furnace rooms/hot water heater areas, electrical breaker boxes (high electrical activity areas) residential indoor greenroom/growrooms with limited space growing areas, garages, workshops, party rooms, the attic, the basement, in kids rooms (under the bed or in the closet-juvenile fireplay), the kitchen where traditional, stationary smoke detectors are absent or disable due to nuisance alarms, computer work stations, entertainment centers, RV’s, mobile homes, boats, trailers, etc.  This innovative product is completely mobile, needs absolutely no installation, and so easy to operate and maintain, a six-year old can do it!

Scientific testing and certification to be conducted by MEIC.  MEIC has over 70 years in engineering and science consulting, testing, failure analysis. (

Watch this video for a demonstration of how SIMPLE this smoke detector is to operate!!

     Mobile Alert

Candle ALERT, the Ultimate Candle Accessory

This stylish, 21st century, state of the art product is the total game-changer for reducing the risk of fire associated with candles! Candle ALERT  features micro-processor controlled, ionization / photoelectric, dual sensing technology for maximum protection and detection.  Our designer smoke detection is completely mobile, requires absolutely no installation, and goes wherever your candles go (the bedroom, living room/dining room area, bathrooms, party room, kitchen, RV’s, boats, basement, etc;).

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