Once that first flame appears, it takes just minutes to escalate into a flashover, making the rescue of occupants unlikely.


By having the ashtray in close proximity to the smoker, Smokers ALERT® bridges that deadly time gap recognized by the US Fire Administration's February 2006 report, Behavioral Mitigation of Smoking Fires, "Smoke alarms, sprinklers, and compartmentation barriers all require time after ignition to be effective. For a victim recorded as "involved with ignition and in the area of origin," the fire begins so close to him or her that is very difficult to survive long enough for active or passive fire protection to save him or her."                                                                           








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The Chavers Corporation has concentrated it's engineering efforts for maximum effect on what they found to be the most common cause of potentially lethal cigarette related fires:   Compromising the stability of the ashtray, leaving a lit cigarette unattended, dozing off or falling asleep while smoking and smoking in bed.  When you engage in the act of smoking in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you need ... 

               Smokers ALERT®

             the world's first intelligent ashtray 

                               U.S. Patent No. 7312706





This explosive effect is the result of our dependence on the various petroleum-based materials that make up nearly every component of our living environments.  There is a vast amount of concentrated energy locked within these modern materials and in a fire that energy is released at a rate unprecedented in human experience.  

The combination of those two factors alone explain why fire professionals now expect such a fire to double in size every 45 seconds.















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